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jess chan

chief marketing officer @ BestSelf Co.
founder @ TOTEM
born & raised in Toronto


Hey, good to have you here! I'm Jess. I've tried to write this bio the way most bios are written - a series of nice-sounding titles & a list of my accomplishments. But that was a struggle. I was thinking, our thoughts make up who we are - so I'll just tell you a bit about what I spend most of my time thinking about instead.

how to optimize my time & energy | how to be a better thinker and decision-maker | what i'm wrong about | what i'm definitely right about | how to systematize everything that can be systematized | where ideas come from and how to have more of them | execution, execution, execution | what a life well lived means for me | what the really important things in life are | thought processes of excellent strategists | how to not suck at being a leader |  what i need to learn next | what i'm excited for in my life | my next adventure | how much coffee a person can safely drink in a day